• Baby Martian // Week 33Baby Martian // Week 33
    There’s this song I’ve known and loved for like 16 years, called “What’ll She Look Like,” by this band called Stephen Speaks. and ON THE DAILY, I get that song stuck in my head for very obvious reasons. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Will she be soft, will she be… Read more »
  • Baby Martian // Week 32Baby Martian // Week 32
    A week behind on this, but somewhere between Week 31 and Week 32, my answer to “how are you feeling?” went from “great, I barely feel pregnant!” to “PREGNANT!!!!” all caps, bold, underline. My back hurts, the baby kicks me real hard at real random times and takes my breath… Read more »
  • Baby Martian // Week 31Baby Martian // Week 31
    31 weeks down, 9 to go!  Apparently, homegirl is as big as the crystal ball from Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Me too, Ron Weasley… me too. I have no idea how they measure this size. Length? Weight? Please tell me it’s not… Read more »
  • Baby Martian // “Nursery” UpdateBaby Martian // “Nursery” Update
    When we first found out we were pregnant, we were living in a cute little studio apartment across the hall. It was one of the many reasons I walked out of the bathroom with my pee stick and said “I don’t know how to feel,” on repeat while Justen hugged… Read more »
  • Baby Martian // Week 30Baby Martian // Week 30
    OK the original plan was to take pictures in the SAME OUTFIT, in the SAME PLACE… but then last week I was too lazy and this week I thought, “well if I already wore a different outfit once…” AND our ENTIRE NEIGHBORHOOD is blocked off because of Camas Days happening… Read more »
  • Baby Martian // Week 29Baby Martian // Week 29
    Next week, our countdown to due date is in the SINGLE DIGITS. What the crap. I remember finding out we were pregnant and wondering what it would feel like to be DOUBLE DIGITS WEEKS PREGNANT, and now here we are kind of nearing the home stretch. We’ve got a crib.… Read more »
  • Baby Martian // Week 28 {!!!}Baby Martian // Week 28 {!!!}
    It. has. been. a minute. and by minute, I mean like a MONTH!! We were scrambling to get things ready for Nashville, then we were in Nashville, THEN we were catching up from being in Nashville. So we’ve got a lot to catch up on! please ignore my hair. I… Read more »
  • Baby Martian // Week 23Baby Martian // Week 23
    It’s still really funny and kind of weird to me that I’m doing the whole week by week photos of my pregnancy thing. I’ve been deep into Pinterest trying to find an actual format for pregnancy update blog posts and wouldntchya know… there isn’t one. So I guess I’ll just… Read more »
  • Baby Martian // Week 22Baby Martian // Week 22
    Shout out to Baby Martian for hitting a huge milestone: homegirl is officially a pound this week, according to the internet. We missed a photo last week because I was out of town, and then we realized.. if we just skipped week 21, we could actually take a picture of… Read more »
  • Baby Martian: Week 20Baby Martian: Week 20
    On Week 19, Day 1, we went to an anatomy scan for our growing little coffee bean. I was anxious to find out what’s between its little legs. It started with measure all of our baby’s growing little body parts. The brain, the heart, spine, legs, and so on and… Read more »