• Madeleine // Month 4
    Four whole months with Madeleine. The day before she turned 4 months marked a year since I found out we were having a baby. I’ll never forget any of it. I’d experienced implantation bleeding (from when she nestled herself into my uterus as a teeny tiny egg) and researched why… Read more »
  • Madeleine // Month 3
    As we were taking these pictures, Justen said “hey, she’s a quarter of the way to a year!” and I sat there, lip quivering and eyes filling with tears and he knew it was way too soon to talk like that to me. This month has been emotionally very difficult… Read more »
  • Madeleine // Month 2
    jfvj ffje eojreoo rr oj The post Madeleine // Month 2 appeared first on Read more »
  • Madeleine // Month 1
    One whole month. I can’t believe it’s ONLY and ALREADY been one month of knowing this little face. We’ve had quite the month. 2 nights in the delivery room, 3 nights in the NICU, two trips to Urgent care. I should make an entire post about her first week of… Read more »
  • Things I use daily as a first time mom of a newborn
    Two months ago I was ultra pregnant, wondering about who was growing inside of me and what life would look like once she graced us with her presence. I had this unrealistic expectation of life with Madeleine. Recently, I made a batch of cookies with a recipe that instructed you… Read more »
  • What I packed in my hospital bag
    As a first time mom, one of the things I obsessed about for about a month and a half was what to pack in my hospital bag. I looked on Pinterest, read my friends blog posts, and reached out to my Instagram peeps. After one big trip to Target (and… Read more »
  • It was a dark and stormy night…
    It was a dark and stormy night… begins the first line of Madeleine L’Engle’s “A Wrinkle In Time,” and begins the final chapters of the pregnancy of Baby Martian. As we sat in the delivery room, listening to thunder roll and in a darkened room because the power went out… Read more »
  • Baby Martian // Week 38
    This is it, y’all. At our midwife appointment, we scheduled an induction for next weekend, the end of week 39. I’ve been planning on letting things happen naturally but after talking to both of our midwives, I decided to schedule an induction. Week 38 was our last full week either… Read more »
  • Baby Martian // Week 37
    It is absolutely mind-blowing to think that we’re SO CLOSE to meeting our baby. and it’s also slightly terrifying. For a minute we were disappointed that we hadn’t taken a picture for week 37, and then I realized.. DUH! We took the most BEAUTIFUL pictures EVER… well, a local photographer… Read more »
  • Baby Martian // Week 36
    Remember that rhyme you were taught to remember how many days were in each month…? Thirty days hath September, April, June, and November, all the rest have thirty-one. That rhyme is a LIE, because September seems to have infinity days at this point and we’re only in the first week. All… Read more »